Installing on macOS

Installation Instructions

Installing PROS on macOS could not be easier with our custom built installer! Just follow these instructions:

  1. Install Python 3(Version 3.4 or higher) for macOS.
  2. Download the PROS installer and run it. You will need to input an administrator’s password, and must remain connected to the internet for the duration of installation. The installer will download and the Arm toolchain to /Applications/PROS_2.0, and will use pip3 to install the command line interface. You will be able to see the progress of the installer in a Terminal window automatically openned by the installer.
  3. Open Atom (/Applications/PROS_2.0/ and verify that PROS appears in the menu (Likely next to Help).
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully installed PROS for macOS. If you want autocomlete functionality within Atom for your PROS code, download either Xcode or LLVM. Xcode is easier to install than LLVM, but you must open the application at least once and its command line tools must be installed.


  1. Minimum OS version: 10.8
  2. Minimum Python Version: 3.4

Known issues

  1. Downloading code to the cortex must be done through the programming kit. You cannot download code through a direct tether.
  2. Atom may be unable to update itself when saved in /Applications. If this is the case, move it to ~/Desktop, ~/Applications, or any other folder owned by your current user.