Getting Started with OkapiLib


This documentation is for OkapiLib version 3.x.x, and might be inaccurate for versions 4.x.x and above. Documentation for the latest version can be found here.


The latest version of this tutorial can be found here.


OkapiLib is installed in all new PROS projects by default. If you are unsure if OkapiLib is installed, you can check the output of pros conduct info-project. Additionally, OkapiLib’s header files reside in include/okapi. Once you know that OkapiLib is installed, you can start using it by uncommenting OkapiLib’s API header include statement in the file include/main.h (line 4 below):

 * You should add more #includes here
 #include "okapi/api.hpp"
 //#include "pros/api_legacy.h"

Then, in file src/opcontrol.cpp, remove the statement using namespace pros::literals (if it exists).

That’s it! Take a look at the other tutorials to get a better understanding of the tools Okapilib has.


If OkapiLib is not getting downloaded from GitHub correctly during installation, you can download it manually here and then install it by running pros conduct fetch path/to/ Once OkapiLib is installed, try creating a PROS project again.