Installing on Linux

Installer binaries

If you are installing on a Debian-based Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, or have a distribution which can install Debian packages, you should download the provided packages from the latest release. The PROS Core package provides the PROS CLI and Arm Embedded GCC Toolchain. The PROS Editor package provides our rebranded version of Atom. Most users will install both, although the PROS Core package is always required.

Note When using PROS for linux you cannot program or interact with a cortex directly tethered via A-A. This is a known issue with a simple solution.

Other Distro Installation Requirements

To follows these instructions you need an operating system on your machine which is not Windows. We recommend the latest version of Ubuntu LTS. If you choose to not use Ubuntu LTS be sure that the flavor of linux you are using has support for the following packages:

Once you have downloaded and install all those packages type the following command to install the PROS atom plugins:

apm install file-icons linter tool-bar tool-bar-main busy build pros

Upon completion open Atom and it will finish the setup process. Now you are all set to use PROS!!!

If you have any issues with these instructions be sure to report the issues on our github project.