Open Source C/C++ Development for VEX V5 and VEX Cortex

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PROS for V5 PROS for Cortex
Open Source
IDE Functionality with VSCode
Command Line Interface
C++ Support
OkapiLib Built In


"No other software gives the power, features, and customization that PROS has, and it comes with many useful utilities and systems."
- Theo | 7842F
"I loved using the beta. I've convinced my HS teams to use PROS this year. You guys do awesome, quality work."
- Oscar | MASON1

Developed by Students

Primary maintenance of PROS is done by students at Purdue University through Purdue ACM SIGBots. Inspiration for this project came from several computer science and engineering students itching to write code for VEX U's extended autonomous period. We created PROS to leverage this opportunity.

SIGBots 2019 Vex U Tournament
One of the Vex U tournaments staffed by PROS members at Purdue



After installing PROS, check out the tutorials for an introduction to the ecosystem and the API documentation for more detailed information.

DOWNLOAD Getting Started →