Learning a new coding platform is often a rather daunting task. For this reason we prepared some small tutorials with examples on how to interact with core components of PROS on your VEX V5 system.

The PROS tutorials are split into three sections:

General Tutorials

If you’re still new to writing software or PROS, and looking for additional information beyond our Getting Started guides, the General Tutorials are a great resource for topics like debugging and the PROS project structure.

Walkthrough Tutorials

If you want to write full sample programs to learn to use PROS through practical applications, or teach students to use PROS in a classroom environment, the Walkthrough Tutorials are a great resource to go step by step through the process of writing a PROS program.

Topical Tutorials

If you want more information about using a particular part of the PROS API, the Topical Tutorials offer longer examples and more detail about using the PROS API.