The PROS API provides various functions, like print() or printf(), that allow your robot to output information to a connected serial console during operation.

To view a robot’s output, there are two officially supported methods:

  1. Through the PROS CLI:

    Running pros terminal on the command line will open an output stream from a robot connected over direct USB connection, VEXnet, or JINX.

  2. From within Atom:

    Click the button labeled “Open cortex serial output”


A terminal panel will open at the bottom of the screen containing the output of a connected robot.


Alternate method:

Use the serial communication monitor of your choice (such as PuTTY, CoolTerm or this plugin for Visual Studio if using Visual Studio) with the following settings:

  • Serial Port: May vary; unplugging and replugging the VEXnet device from the computer should allow you to determine the correct port.
  • Baud Rate: 115200
  • Encoding: 28591 - ISO-8859-1 - Western European (ISO) or equivalent