PROS Kernel 3.7.0 Release


This update brings a large amount of features and bugfixes across the kernel. Native motor group support being a major addition to help with library development.


  • Add Native pros::Motor_Group Support, see Motor_Group docs.
  • Add MutexVar for mutex protected variables.
  • Add simple name enum support for VEXLink and IMU.
  • Add imu_reset_blocking and imu.reset(true); support, which blocks while the IMU is being reset.
  • Add alias for Motor gearset enums such as MOTOR_GEAR_RED; and MOTOR_GEAR_100;.

Quality of Life and Bugfixes:

  • Fix issue with Color2G macro disabling the vision sensor’s LED green value.
  • Add PROS error header to prevent recursive include.
  • Fix issue with screen touch callback functions not working.
  • Fix pros::Link not working with only one radio, see VEXLink docs.
  • Remove redundant port bound checking to improve performance.