PROS Kernel 3.7.2 Release


This update adds addressable LED support, motors reversible by passing negative port numbers, and date/time keeping features.


  • Passing a negative port number to pros::Motor or pros::Motor_Group will automatically initialize the motor with the reversed flag set
  • Added pros::MotorGroup` as an alias for pros::Motor_Group
  • Adressable LED strips can now be used with pros::ADILed objects. See the ADILed docs.
  • Timekeeping functionality is now somewhat working. Programs are stamped with the time they are compiled and this is used for time/date related functionality since the V5 does not have a real time clock. This enables libraries such as std::chrono or time.h
  • POSIX clock_gettime() and clock_settime() support. For now, only CLOCK_MONOTONIC and CLOCK_REALTIME are supported. This provides a low level way for users to get the time, or to set the time if some other time keeping device were added.
  • Removed Herobrine