PROS Kernel 3.1.2 ReleaseΒΆ

New Features:

  • Controller rumble motor functionality


  • Global ADIGyro constructors now work
  • Fix the port names for the ADIUltrasonic constructor
  • Fix the bug where get_digital_new_press() would always return true
  • Implement pros::Task::remove(), which is analogous to task_delete()
  • Change VDML initialization process to fix global initialization for user-defined objects that use VDML functionality in a task immediately upon startup


  • Deprecated any of the ADI port configuration enum values that were identical to generic I/O types (e.g. the E_ADI_SMART_POT is deprecated in favor of E_ADI_ANALOG_IN). Projects will still compile and be functionally equivalent to the new preferred value, but will raise a warning to use the new value.

Header Docs:

  • Clarify parameter initialization for task_delay_until()
  • Describe errno meanings for controller text setting
  • Typo fix in Motor::get_current_limit() docs
  • Fix return units for motor_get_actual_velocity()