PROS Kernel 3.1.1 ReleaseΒΆ

A variety of bugfixes and usability improvements over 3.1.0.


  • Competition control now works properly with running matches from the brain/controller (as opposed to just a competition switch/field controller before)
  • Global constructors now work for Smart Devices (Motors, Vision Sensors, etc.)
  • pros::Controller::print() will now compile and work properly
  • Okapilib now works with the template operator control file by default, no more need to remove the using pros::literals line first

New Features:

  • A proper Gyro Driver in C and C++. No more need to manually configure the ADI port to be a gyroscope.

Usability Improvements:

  • All of the competition control functions (autonomous(), opcontrol(), etc.) are now prototyped in main.h and can be called from user code
  • PROS_USE_SIMPLE_NAMES is implemented for all of the API headers in both C and C++
  • motor_move() and its C++ equivalent properly clamp inputs to [-127,127], so arcade control code will work properly with no clamping of the controller values in user code