PROS Kernel 3.2.1 Release

Upgrade notes

If you were affected by the issue preventing builds from hot/cold linking under arm-none-eabi-gcc 9.x, and either added temporary stubs or disabled hot/cold linking as a workaround, you may now reverse those changes.


New Features:

  • Add alternate pros::Task constructors that accept any C++ Callable object (e.g. lambdas with captures)
  • Add support for VEX Inertial Sensor
  • Enable LVGL on-screen keyboard
  • Add function to detect the presence of an SD card
  • Add class function to get port number from pros::Motor, pros::Vision, and pros::Serial instances

Usability Improvements:

  • Add Makefile dependency tracking
  • Log exceptions to the PROS terminal
  • Add support for extra Make scripts (firmware/*.mk)
  • Provide error code when controller commands are being sent too quickly
  • Suppress warnings for the GCC 7.1 ABI change
  • Fix up ultrasonic documentation


  • Handle errors properly in VDML functions that return floating point values
  • Fix port indexing off-by-one bug in motor positional PID functions
  • Fix abandoned mutex and race condition in LVGL
  • Fix clearing the controller LCD screen
  • Add temporary stubs so users of arm-none-eabi-gcc 9.x can use hot/cold linking