PROS CLI 3.1.4 Release

  • New UI experience for creating, upgrading, and uploading projects
  • Add binary compression to save space on the V5
  • Add support for hot/cold linking
  • Add V5 screen capture with prosv5 v5 capture
  • Add wireless downloading support
  • Added support for supplying upload arguments to mu/mut/ut
  • Bug fixes to V5 upload protocol

Updating to the new version

Python PIP

Run pip install (or pip3, depending on your system)


Download and run the appropriate (.exe) installer from our release page.


To upgrade a previous installation, run brew upgrade pros-cli. If you have the editor installed, you can also run brew cask upgrade pros-editor.

To install from scratch:

Install Homebrew if it’s not already installed. This may take a while. Run brew tap osx-cross/arm && brew tap purduesigbots/pros Run brew install gcc-arm-bin && brew cask install pros-editor (if you want to install only the CLI, you can run brew install gcc-arm-bin pros-cli instead)


  • if Homebrew complains (“It seems there is already an App at ‘/usr/local/Caskroom/pros-editor/1.32.2/PROS’”) when trying to upgrade the editor, run brew cask upgrade --force pros-editor instead.
  • if you already have the PROS CLI installed, or if Homebrew complains about some files existing when trying to install the CLI, you’ll want to uninstall it first
  • if you installed using pip, you can run pip3 uninstall pros-cli-v5
  • if you installed using the .app bundle, you can move that bundle to the trash folder, and then run rm -f /usr/local/bin/prosv5 to clear out the old file