PROS Kernel 3.1.6 Release


Be sure to look at important upgrade instructions below.

New Features:

  • Add support for hot/cold linking
  • Bugfixes to LLEMU and task notifications

Usability Impovements:

  • Refactored Makefiles


  • Miscellaneous RTOS bugfixes
  • Fixed a possible buffer overrun when using controller printing

Important Upgrade Instructions

In order to support modified hot/cold linking we needed to modify the Makefile, which is intended to be modified by you. When upgrading your project (regardless of whether you enable hot/cold linking), you must modify your Makefile as follows:

  1. Remove all lines after -include ./

  2. Add the following two lines above the -include ./ line (for example, below EXTRA_CXXFLAGS=):

    # Set to 1 to enable hot/cold linking

Your Makefile should now be similar to the template Makefile.